Your Best Van Inventory Management System.

ZedDelivery is the best Wholesale Business ERP with last mile delivery solution organizing your fleet. Its handheld Van Sales App binds your delivery person with the backoffice for his online ordering, stocks delivery and cash recovery in realtime.

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Connected Warehouse with Moving Vans

Work off-line

Work offline in remote areas with no wi-fi/3g/4g connectivity. ZedDelivery Synchronize your transactions with server as you reach in WiFi region automatically.

Easy Implementation

Compatible with android & windows systems. No specific hardware required to run the applications. Just ask us to configure for you on our Cloud.

Track your Business

Real- Time tracking means you can always see where the delivery is on the map.

Who Needs ZedDelivery?

Mineral Water

You can perfectly designate ZedDelivery a Mineral Water Distribution Software. You just need to mark your Inventory Item as to remember its empty container wherever it is delivered.

Milk & Dairy Products

ZedDelivery has proved itself a best Milk delivery Software. It has provision for Dairies to plan daily volume of milk to be distributed on a route. Milk Distribution System works on daily supply

Food & Beverages

Food & Beverages businesses has the biggest issue of prompt deliveries. A Best Food & Beverages ERP must have a capability to serve right order at the right time to  lock out Competitors. ZedDelivery equally 


Pharmaceuticals distribution system rides on creating strong sales network of Distributors, Retailers, Doctors, Hospitals and pharmacies.  Zeddelivery is a perfect Pharmaceuticals

FMCG Distributors

Managing your 25 or more vehicles business setup is now easy with ZedDelivery, as specially designed for FMCG Distribution Business. Fast moving consumer goods distribution systems has the biggest challenge to

Poultry Eggs

ZedDelivery has a powerful mechanism to define Inventory Units of Measurement such that it can record wastage of eggs in Nos. and transforms day end wastage in terms of dozens or crates. This Unit

Oil & Lubricants

Oil & Lubricants Distribution Systems has a basic need to compute their quantitative sales of different pack sizes in terms of Liters in order to claim sales commissions from their Vendors Manufacturers. Further to it,

Wholesale Distributors

Categorical Inventory listings with brand name tags and Product Divisions with comprehensive set of Item attributes provides an open room for wholesale distribution systems to adopt ZedDelivery easily.

A Complete Proof of Delivery and Route Planning Solution

Daily Van Inventory Forecast

Digital Load-In and Load-Out of Van stock

More control on Inventory & Cash leakage

Stock Transfers among VANs

Connected Sales & Recovery person with BackOffice

Realtime Order Tracking

Proof of Delivery

Returns & Damaged Items handling

Recurring Orders

Customer Profile & Business Terms

Routing Guide on Google Map

Returnable Empty Containers Inventory

Compatible with Android Devices

No specific Hardware Requirement

24/7 Live

ZedDelivery Modules

Van Sales Mobile App

Order Taking & Delivery App for Android mobile phones enables van drivers and delivery persons to instantly make Spot Selling in Realtime connectivity with the back office. Order Bookers can book new orders for subsequent delivery. Adopting a distribution management strategy is important for a company’s financial success and corporate longevity.

Inventory Management 

Zed Delivery provides a comprehensive Cloud Inventory Control system for distribution businesses. Multiple warehouse sites can be created under a business signup wherein you can manage varied product classifications and divisions. Each major business classification may be sub divided into Item Categories and sub categories. Ranging from a small distribution setup with a single Van on road up to very large scale distribution system with a fleet of Vans is the subject of ZedDelivery.