FMCG Distributors

Managing your 25 or more vehicles business setup is now easy with ZedDelivery, as specially designed for FMCG Distribution Business.

Fast moving consumer goods distribution systems has the biggest challenge to keep track of recurring orders. ZedDelivery supports defining scheduled orders on daily, biweekly, weekly and so on, basis. Powerful accounting module best manages your day-to-day financial transactions. Attendance and Payroll module makes large crew salary in drastically reduced time.

Managing and controlling Inventories among multiple warehouses is difficult. ZedDelivery makes inventory keeping simple and efficient. You can maintain reordering levels and take periodic alerts on near expiry items. Inventory Items lots can be managed on LIFO, FIFO and Average principles.

FMCG Distribution Software must provide way to evaluate supplier performance and its Product quality. ZedDelivery provides procurement module for Purchase Ordering and inventory inflow keeping track of its Quality Control at Goods Receipts.