Inventory Management Module

Zed Delivery provides a comprehensive Cloud Inventory Control system for distribution businesses. Multiple warehouse sites can be created under a business signup wherein you can manage varied product classifications and divisions. Each major business classification may be sub divided into Item Categories and sub categories. Ranging from a small distribution setup with a single Van on road up to very large scale distribution system with a fleet of Vans is the subject of ZedDelivery.

Multi-Warehouse Inventory Management Software

As your business grows, you may add more locations to handle your increased operations. However, managing stock across multiple warehouses can be a challenge for even the most meticulous of inventory managers, especially if their products have high inventory turnover. Cloud inventory systems with multi-warehouse inventory management support make keeping track of all of your inventory items across multiple locations convenient, quick, and effortless and enable a smooth-running business.

  •  Accurately track the constant movement of inventory between sites. Accurately track the constant movement of inventory between sites.
  • You can know the location of every item as it passes through your warehouses
  • Conveniently check and update stock levels in different locations
  • You can manage every lot that goes in or out of your warehouse, especially when shelf life of an item is important.

Streamlined Work Flow

ZedDelivery software streamlines Procurements, Stocking, ordering, packing, shipping, Returns, Wastages and inter stocks adjustments so you can have a seamless transition from one step to the next. It makes you more precise but flexible in receiving procured stocks in lots, Store with lot IDs and Sale keeping track of those IDs. Therefore, locates a Sales Return instantly from where it went out of the system.

Reorder Automation

Setting Reordering levels of your stock items enabling your Stock requisitions to be processed fast, from where you can draw purchase orders to different vendors

Landed costs

ZedDelivery integrated GRNs with the accounting function make you always know how much you’re spending on each product. Understanding the landed cost of each product will allow you to gain insight into the gross margin of your sales. The Product Costing software algorithm calculates the landed cost based on the cost of the products themselves, plus any other costs you directly incur to obtain the products. These costs can include everything from shipping to freight costs. Understanding your average landed cost and how your suppliers are performing will give you the leverage you need to drive down spend as you grow. ZedDelivery inventory accounting functions and reports complete the full picture by providing a record of each financial transaction to ensure accurate reporting of figures for financial reports, taxes, or regulatory compliance.

Procurement System

Ideally, you should have a good Inventory Purchasing System in place that should do stocks replenishments as needed, before you run out. Using a purchase order management system allows your company to stay on top of its inventory and supply needs, keeping your customers happy and well-served.

Save Time & Effort

Purchase order system should save your time and effort. ZedDelivery software fits seamlessly into your workflow and helps your team stay productive even when you’re dealing with a high volume of sales. It controls all your Inventory inflow in to Stocks.

Improve Accuracy

A purchase order system can and should be part of overall quality management. Rather than being thought of as additional paperwork, it should strive to ensure that every order is processed and reported accurately, ultimately improving customer satisfaction.

Partial Shipments

Zeddelivery Purchase Order System makes it easy to receive partial shipments on GRNs. Separate billing and payments are admissible however consolidates against the related Purchase Order.

Centralized Replenishment

You can draw consolidated stocks requirement out of multiple warehouses and stock buffers in order to plan minimum stock keeping and your capital investment on it.

Inter Stock Transfers

ZedDelivery provides user friendly Inter Stock Transfers to manage multiple warehouses inventory. You can easily shift your stocks if found short at a nearby warehouse from a remote warehouse where they are place surplus to make sure fast deliveries to nearby market. Similarly, you can also execute Stock “Shake hands” between Vans i.e. A Van driver may ask Items from other moving Van to fulfil his urgent customer order.

Sales Return Management

Sales Returns management has significant role in automated inventory control systems specially when it is on the discretion of field force. Returns normally happen due to following reasons:Sales Returns management has significant role in automated inventory control systems specially when it is on the discretion of field force. Returns normally happen due to following reasons:
• Breakage & Wastages

• Unwanted Supply

• Surplus ordering or supply

• Short Expiry Lot

• Field force Fraudulent Acts

ZedDelivery controls all above making only one argument, which Sales Order it was supplied against? The Software further verifies issuing lot IDs and then forwards to Inventory Manager for Approvals. This SOP is applied on all Returns and Inventory Adjustments.